About Us


GIBXchange is here to provide you and the rest of the world with comprehensive services to achieve financial freedom.

GIB Global Investment Bank and Capital Trust is the world’s first decentralized digital asset trading covering various functions, where users can trade more than 200 mainstream global financial products such as futures, currencies, and digital assets.

GIBXchange is a forex and digital asset trading platform established by financial professionals from all over the world. With its technical advantages, the platform provides users with comprehensive and accurate market information and comprehensive financial services. Compared with traditional brokers who only support a single financial business, GIBX users only need one account to enjoy more diversified investment products, truly achieving the goal of one-click investment in the world.


Our core values

FX Yield Manager Risk Management Solution
The First MT5 Trading Platform
Advanced Grid Trading Technology
AI Intelligent Brick Moving Arbitrage System
DeFi Embedded in The Underlying Technology System
Decentralized Open Source Smart Contract
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Who is GIBX?

Whether you're an experienced trader or a cryptocurrency newcomer, GIB Global Investment Bank and Capital Trust empower you to chart your own financial path. GIBXchange offers:

● Adopt the seventh-generation transaction engine system core technology for safer, more stable, and smoother financial transactions.

● Hot and cold wallets, offline private key storage, and risk isolation.

● Provide SMS verification codes, Google verification codes, and remote login risk reminders.

● Withdrawal automation system with manual security check to protect user cash.

GIB Global Investment Bank and Capital Trust is the premier financial investing solution for institutions of all sizes, offering everything from over-the-counter trading to personalised white-glove account management, allowing you to quickly and confidently achieve your investment objectives.

Fast and efficient

● All-day deposit and withdrawal services (7*24 hours), fast and timely arrival.

● Using OTC over-the-counter trading mode, traders can trade peer-to-peer through the platform.

● 7*24 hours customer service support, promptly and effectively assist users in dealing with transaction problems.

Perfect Features

● Cover all trading terminals (including Web, Android, iOS) to meet users with different trading habits and technical backgrounds; Provide currency trading, legal currency trading, leverage trading, contract trading, etc., to meet the diversified trading needs of users in one stop.

● Support diversified trading areas, including QC area, USDT area, BTC area, ETH area, etc.

● It supports transactions in more than 290 currencies such as BTC, ETH, and LTC, with nearly 300 trading pairs.

Powerful operating system

● DeFi decentralized financial system

● Metatrader 5 Forex Technology

● Automated Market Maker System (AMM)

● Decentralized open source smart contract

● Forex Hedge funds

● Community transactions (documentary)

● Fund custody trading services

GIBX Infographic in Blue - GIBX development plan - gibx.io

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